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Kids Party Packages

Enjoy our kid and family friendly party packages. Making planning 100% easier.

Kids Party Package

What's Included:
-3 Hour Party
-White or Pastel Color Bounce House
-Marquee Letters and Numbers
-Kids White Chairs (20) and Table
-(20) Coloring Sheets: Draw It by Mel
-Adult Table and Chairs
-Food and Gift Table
-Access to 2 Bathrooms with Changing Table
-27ft Tall Ceilings
-Kitchenette to store cold drinks and cold food

Pricing: $1,450 

Time Slots:
9am -12pm
1pm - 4pm
5pm - 8pm

UPGRADE: Want to add Balloon Garland?
Add 30ft Organic Balloon Garland from All Day Soirée - Balloon Garland will go on Bounce House and Entrance (Pick up to 3 colors)

Pricing with Balloon Garland: $2,150


Barbie Party Package


What's Included in Barbie Package:
-3 Hour Venue Rental
-Pink Bounce House
-Marquee Letters & Numbers
-20 Kids Gift Boxes (Just the Box)
-Kids Tables & Chairs:20
-Table Decor for 20 Kids
-Barbie Box Backdrop
-Barbie Head & Shimmer Wall Backdrop with Balloo
-Balloons at Entryway
-Balloons on Bounce House

-Jumbo Balloon Centerpieces

Time Slots:
9am -12pm
1pm - 4pm
5pm - 8pm

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